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English Language Requirements

This information is designed to assist practitioners who wish to enrol in a Dry Needling course with CPD Health Courses. 
There are important safety considerations with regard to practicing Dry Needling therapy given the use of an acupuncture needle & the subsequent inherent risks when needling around sensitive & high-risk regions of the body.
It is because of these risks that we are obliged to inform you of our requirements with respect to understanding & communicating using the English language while undertaking our theory & practical courses.
Our Dry Needling courses have an online theory & a practical course component. 
Online Theory Course
In order for you to successfully complete the online theory component you must be able to understand the presented material, which consists of written & spoken English language. 
At the end of each module you’ll be required to answer questions about the presented material, which you can either read or listen to, the assessment tasks are presented as multiple-choice questions. The average pass mark required to pass these assessment tasks is 90%.
Here is a sample written question:
1. The following is the correct order when preparing for Dry Needling treatment.
A. Prepare Needles, Swab if required, insert needle & achieve bind
B. Insert needle, achieve bind, remove with gloves & dispose in sharps bin
C. Wash hands or rub with alcohol hand wash, locate & mark target area as
required, insert needle & achieve bind
D. Mark area & swab if required, prepare needles & achieve bind
Practical Course
In order for you to successfully complete the face-to face practical component you must be able to understand spoken English & be able to respond using spoken English.
You must able to comprehend the practical presentations in order to safely practice the required techniques during the course and on your patients once you successfully complete the training.
At the completion of the practical course all attendees will be required to complete a practical assessment, which must be passed before you can receive your certificate.
The practical test will be in the format of an oral examination about the material covered during the course. In particular, you will be required to comprehend questions about surface anatomy, clinical anatomy, referred pain patterns, use of correct needle size, needling direction, obtaining verbal consent, patient positioning & safety considerations.
You must be able to understand the questions presented to you & be able to respond in English to the satisfaction of the examiner.
Here is a sample oral question:
1. Can you demonstrate obtaining verbal consent from this patient by explaining the Dry Needling treatment you’d like to perform?
2. Can you show me how you would use Dry Needling to treat a trigger point in the semimembranosus muscle?
The examiner will assess your answers & your practical skills during the practical course to determine if you are safe to practice Dry Needling.
It our obligation to protect you & your patients from harm caused by an accident following Dry Needling therapy. Understanding & communicating in English is essential in reducing the risk of injury to your patients & subsequent indemnity claims made against you.
A sound knowledge of both written & spoken English is required in order that you achieve a high degree of confidence when using Dry Needling therapy in practice.
Therefore we respectfully ask that you are clear about our English Language requirements & if you are in any doubt you should contact us so that we can assist you in making the right decision about your suitability to attend this course.
Thank You.

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