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Dry Needling Advanced Course

Australia's SAFEST Dry Needling Course

SAFE - Confident - Effective

Over 600 hundred 5 Star Google Reviews!

At CPD Health Courses, we firmly believe that the key motivation for enrolling in our Dry Needling course is to acquire this valuable new skill that will enable you to treat your clients SAFELY and effectively.

What muscles will I learn to needle at the Dry Needling Advanced Course?

  • Cervical Erector Spinae & Multifidi
  • Thoracic Erector Spinae & Multifidi
  • Rhomboids Major & Minor
  • Sternocleidomastoid
  • Levator Scapulae
  • Subscapularis
  • Serratus Anterior
  • Pectoralis Major & Minor
  • Quadratus Lumborum
  • Piriformis
  • Psoas Major
  • Iliacus

Very good. Would definitely recommend this course.
David (Chiropractor)

Who can join this Dry Needling Advanced Course?

Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Myotherapists, EP's and Remedial Massage Therapists

This course is open to any manual therapists who has successfully completed a Dry Needling Introductory / Level 1 course with CPD HC or another course provider.


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How much does the Dry Needling Advanced Course cost?

If you Enrol & pay today, the course price is just $549 (early bird special > 3 weeks before the practical course start date). 

Or you can Enrol with a payment plan for just $1 and pay the balance of $599, 3 weeks before the practical course.

Weekly payments are also available.

Discounts are automatically applied on the checkout page.


What's included in the Dry Needling Advanced Course?

The Dry Needling Advanced Course includes an 8-hr online theory program and an 8-hr face-to-face practical course on Sunday 8am-5pm (16-hrs).

It also includes the practical course handouts, free access to our App, access to the Dry Needling Video Training Site, an Acuneeds discount voucher and lunch at the practical course.


Alisdair M
One of the best courses I have recently attended
Alisdair M (Osteopath)

What are the benefits of using our Free Dry Needling App?

No other course provider has an App where you can complete your online theory on any mobile device, anywhere, at any time.

Our App gives you the freedom & flexibilty to watch the practical technique videos and complete the online theory on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop...on the train, waiting for an appointment or at work. 


                                                                                                           We have over 600 hundred '5 STAR' Google Reviews!


Great. I definitely finished the day with improved skills.
Milly (Physiotherapist)

Can I claim CPD points after completing this Dry Needling Advanced Course?

Yes. You can claim 16-CPD hours after successfully completing the Dry Needling Advanced Course.

"Wayne, Terry and Kurt were fantastic during the delivery of the course. Made the learning environment engaging and provided helpful feedback the whole time. Don't hesitate to do your dry needling course with cpd hc." Jon G. Chiropractor


How I can refresh my needling knowledge & skills before attending the Dry Needling Advanced practical course?

You can brush up on needling techniques by joining the Video Training Site.


What is the Video Training Site & do I need to join it?

We realise that practitioners sometimes need some revision will the needling techniques that they've previously learnt.

You're welcome to take a free 2-week trial on the Video Training Site (VTS) which has thousands of Dry Needling video demonstrations plus:

  • The Patient Consent Script
  • How to manage Acute Injuries using Dry Needling Therapy 
  • The Post Needling Protocol
  • Safety Review Training Videos
  • Monthly Live Workshops
  • The “Grow My Practice” coaching program
  • The “Protect My Practice” coaching program


Lecturers are friendly and able to answer ALL of the questions and even better that they provided extra answers.

Johnny (Remedial Massage Therapist)

CPD Health Courses Mission Statement:

  • Our mission is to provide the SAFEST, highest quality, world class online theory & practical Dry Needling Course for health professionals around the world.
  • Our programs continously aim to meet the demands of busy practitioners who want to take advantage of the conveniece and flexibility of the latest technology in delivering continuing professional development courses. 
  • Our goal is that every practitioner who attends our practical courses feels they have gained expert knowledge that assists to help their patients and grow their businesses.
  • We regard every practitioner who has bought a product from us, as someone who has made an investment in themselves and their business.

Dr. Alice M
I was really impressed. The time flew, we were busy & learning. Thanks.
Dr. Alice M (Medical Doctor)

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Why are so many practitioners choosing the CPD Health Courses to learn Trigger Point Dry Needling over other course providers?

Our Dry Needling Course teaches you a variety of Dry Needling techniques that enable you to treat a variety of patients, conditions and presentations.


Loved it! Can’t wait to needle everyone!
Cristina (Remedial Massage Therapist)

If you're looking for a Dry Needling Course to complement what you've already learnt, then the Dry Advanced Course is the right course for you.

What's different about this Dry Needling Course compared to other course providers?

  • We have over 600 hundred current 5 STAR Google Reviews. Click HERE to read what other manual therapists are saying!
  • Dry Needling is an invasive technique. Unlike other DN course providers, we pride ourselves on teaching you how to needle to the HIGHEST safety standard, so you go away feeling safe and confident to treat your clients, without causing harm.
  • The ease of using our Free Online Theory App - Designed to give you the freedom & flexibility to watch the practical technique videos and complete the online theory on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop...on the train, at work or while waiting for an appointment.
  • The quality of the online theory is supported by up-to-date, evidence-based, peer-reviewed literature
  • Be taught by highly qualified presenters who have years of experience, knowledge & teaching
  • Receive FREE access to the Video Training Site includes over 350 video clips and new clips & useful tips are added every week.
  • FREE Acuneeds 10% discount voucher valid for 12 months. We'll let you know what to buy and how many boxes to purchase.
  • Certificate of Completion- We'll give you a hard copy of your Certificate of Completion at the end of the practical course... plus we'll send it to you by email the same day.
  • You can ask ANY questions about the online theory and the DN techniques before, during and after the course.
  • Best value for money compared to other Dry Needling Courses. Start for $1 on a payment plan if you wish.


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Very enjoyable & a good refresher as well as good opportunity to learn new techniques
Michael (Physiotherapist)

Great presentation of material and practical application.
Jarrod (Physiotherapist)

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