Dry Needling Courses: Hobart

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Hobart Dry Needling courses are held once a year at the centrally located Lotus Centre.

Venue address: The Lotus Centre: 45 Victoria St, Hobart. MAP

Student Discounts - you'll automatically receive the student / new grad discount off your DN Introductory course when you choose Student / New Grad as your profession on the Enrol page ($100 discount off standard course price).

Practical Course Times:

80-hr DN Course: Friday 5pm-8pm & Saturday 8am-6pm & Saturday 8am-5pm (20-hrs)

DN Introductory: Friday 5pm-8pm & Saturday 8am-6pm (12-hrs)

DN Advanced: Saturday 8am-5pm (8-hrs)

DN Introductory & Advanced Bundled course: Friday 5pm-8pm & Saturday 8am-6pm & Saturday 8am-5pm (20-hrs)

DN Masterclass: Sunday 9am-5pm (8-hrs)

DN Course for Podiatrists: Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 8am-10am (10-hrs)

Dry Needling Introductory Course : $749.00

May 29th - May 30th 2020

Dry Needling Advanced Course : $749.00 $475.00

May 31st 2020

Dry Needling Introductory & Advanced Course : $1224.00 $1099.00

May 29th - May 31st 2020

80-hr Dry Needling Course : $1395.00

May 29th - May 31st 2020

Dry Needling Course for Podiatrists : $595.00

May 30th - May 31st 2020
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Courses become full quickly so if you are interested in joining, please enrol now to avoid disappointment. We look forward to seeing you in Hobart at one of our Dry Needling Courses .