Dry Needling Courses for Massage Therapists

CPD Health Courses offers approved Dry Needling courses for Remedial Massage Therapists.

We offer convenient, inexpensive accredited Dry Needling Introductory (20-hr) & Advanced courses (16-hr) for Remedial Massage Therapists. 

Click here for course details: DN RMT course (80-hr training).

This 80-hr Dry Needling course will be made up of 20-hrs of practical training (Friday 5-8pm, Saturday 8-6pm & Sunday 8-5pm) plus 60 hrs of online theory training. 


        How do I enrol in the 20-hr DN Introductory course? All you need to do is...

Go to the Locations page - Select your Location & Profession - choose your DN Introductory course and Click Enrol Now - then add the Advanced course if you wish - Register your details & then click Confirm Purchase.

Your discount will be automatically applied and your invoice emailed to you.

After payment, you'll receive your Welcome email with 3 easy steps to start listening to your online theory presentation straight away... it's as simple as that!

After succesfully completing the online theory, join the practical course at your chosen location.

What will I be able to do after completing the DN Introductory course?

The DN Intro covers the Top 30 muscles commonly treated in your practice/ clinic (see below).

The DN Advanced covers the Top 10 most frequently seen clinical conditions.

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 $300 OFF your DN Intro & DN Advanced courses if you Bundled them together.  

"Your Dry Needling Techniques is outstanding. I recently completed the CPD Health Courses DNT Intro course & would highly recommend it. I'm an RMT, in business for 17 years & found this course very useful in its application.

The theory aspect was very user friendly & the practical day with Wayne was amazing; his depth of knowledge is incredible.

I have applied the techniques with patients on my first day back with stunning results.

Thank you Wayne & CPD Health Courses". Anton: RMT Adelaide...more

What's covered in the DN Introductory Course?

The practical course is exactly that... full of practice. Having completed your theory online, you'll be able to concentrate on learning the practical skills required to provide your patients with great results & effective treatment.

We get straight into table demonstrations of the areas to be needled; then split into pairs for personlised coaching on the technique shown. There are over 18 table demonstrations during the practical course.

8-hrs of Online theory plus 12-hr Practical training (Friday 5-8pm, Saturday 8-6pm):

Practical: Muscles covered on the 12-hr practical Dry Needling Intro course:

  • All the muscles of the forearm, upper arm, hand
  • Upper Trapezius
  • All the muscles of the thigh, lower leg, ankle region
  • Gluteal region, low back

Online Theory (8-hrs):

  •  Introduction & benefits of Dry Needling 
  • The history & background of Dry Needling
  • The neurophysiology of Dry Needling
  • Myofascial Trigger Points
  • Safety & risk Management
  • Needling techniques
  • Safety & risk management 

What's covered in the Dry Needling Advanced course:

Once you've successfully completed our Dry Needling Introductory practical course (before Nov 1st) you'll be qualified to join our Dry Needling Advanced course the next day if you wish. Or you can join the Advanced course at a later date.

Dry Needling Advanced has a similar structure to Dry Needling Introductory involving an 8-hr online theory program followed by a 1-day practical course (Sunday 8-5pm).

By attending the Dry Needling Advanced course you’ll learn by watching, listening and practicing. Both practical courses are exactly that - full of practice. Having completed your theory online, you'll be able to concentrate on learning the practical skills required to provide your patients with great results & effective treatment.

The Dry Needling Advanced theory & practical course focuses on the 10 most common conditions seen in practice as well as individual muscles.

Conditions covered on the Dry Needling Advanced practical course:

  1. Low Back & buttock pain
  2. Neck & shoulder tension
  3. Periscapular & shoulder pain
  4. Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy
  5. Lateral & medial elbow pain
  6. Tension headaches
  7. Plantar Fasciitis
  8. Knee pain
  9. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  10. TMJ pain

Having given over 60,000 treatments to patients over the past 27 years I'm confident you'll find the information, knowledge & experience that I share with you, invaluable!

Why are so many massage therapists choosing this Dry Needling Course? 

  1. AAMT, ANTA & MAA Approved providers for CPE (20-hours training until Nov 1 2015)
  2. ATMS award 40-CE points for this 80-hr DN course. 
  3. AMT members can qualify to use DN Therapy after completing this course because...
  4. This 80-hr DN course meets the standards required for Professional Indemnity Insurance
  5. Other course providers don't accept massage therapists on their Dry Needling course
  6. Save time & money - complete your online theory at home on your ipad, laptop or PC
  7. Then join us on your chosen 12-hr practical course (Fri 5-8pm & Sat 8-6pm)
  8. Bundle the DN Intro & Dry Needling Advanced course and receive $300 discount!
  9. Practical courses in MelbourneSydneyGold CoastBrisbaneAdelaide, Darwin, Hobart & Perth 
  10. We teach safe, pain free, highly effective dry needling techniques to use the next day 
  11. Personalized coaching on all our practical dry needling courses  
  12. Receive Certificate of Completion, a fully illustrated colour practical reference manual, free lifetime support, needle starter pack and loads more!
         Why Choose us?  Because we've trained thousands of RMT's over the years.

CPD Health Courses offers the quickest, easiest and most inexpensive way to learn Dry Needling therapy.

We focus on correct needling technique with LOTS of needling practice to low risk areas & cover the treatment of many muscles and areas of pain. 

One of the key skills you’ll learn on the practical course is becoming highly effective at finding trigger points in muscle fibres.

Practice the correct way to hold the guide tube, manipulate the needle & experience what the needle feels like when it’s in the right location at the right depth and angle, to make you feel confident, safe & effective.

The insertion of a needle is generally painless when carried out correctly; you don't need to vigorously manipulate an acupuncture needle to get great results!

Having used Dry Needling for over 12 years & it never fails to amaze me how well patients respond to this therapy. It’s like magic.

        Save your hands - Use Dry Needling therapy!

Once you've completed your Dry Needling course you’ll have a choice; use deep tissue massage that's painful for your patient & hard work on your hands; or place 3 acupuncture needles into the belly of the muscle for 5-7 minutes.

Then remove the needles & check the change in muscle tone - you’ll be amazed.
What's more, your patients will love it too!
Course Accreditation

This DN Intro & Advanced courses are accredited by AAMT, ANTA and MA.

My massage association is not included in the list above - can I still join your DN course & become qualified to use Dry Needling therapy?

Yes- you can join our Dry Needling course and become qualified to use DN Therapy.

Our DN Intro/ Advanced course may not be recognised for CPE/ CEU by some associations but you can still join the course & become qualified to use DN Therapy after course completion.

Our Dry Needling courses meet the standard required for Professional Indemnity Insurance with regards to Dry Needling Therapy with all major insurance companies.

After completing the DN Introductory course what else do I need to start using DN Therapy?

To use DN Therapy after successful course completion, RMT's need to be a member of a massage association and have a DN Therapy endorsment on their professional indemnity insurance Certificate of Currency. You'll receive a Certificate of Completion that can be sent to your insurer to gain this endorsment.

Our Dry Needling courses meet the standard required for Professional Indemnity Insurance with regards to Dry Needling Therapy. 

Before joining the DN Introductory course, we advise all practitoners to check with their Professional Indemnity insurer that they will be covered to use Dry Needling therapy subject to successful completion of the CPD Health Courses Dry Needling course (20-hrs).

Professional Indemnity Insurance providers (this list includes some but not all of the companies who insure RMT's. Please contact your insurer if they are not on this list).

AON 1800 462 558

Arthur J Gallagher (specialityrisks@ajg.com.au) 1800 222 012 - formerly OAMPS

Marsh 02 8864 8888 

GSA 02 8274 8141

Fenton Green



Insurance House


If you are a member of ATMS or AMT, you are welcome to join our Dry Needling courses and become qualified to use Dry Needling Therapy after course completion. ATMS award 40-CE points after completing this 80-hr Dry Needling course.

You may not get your full quota of CPE/ CEU points or hours but you can still use DN Therapy after completing the DN Intro course as our course meets the standard required for Professional Indemnity Insurance.


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We look forwards to seeing you on one of our Dry Needling courses soon!


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