• Why Choose CPD Health Courses?

    Dr Wayne Mahmoud, Director of CPD Health Courses, has over 30 years of clinical & teaching experience and a Masters Degree in Acupuncture. He is a Janet Travell Certified Trigger Point Therapist- Certified by the Myopain Seminars USA. 

    I’ve attended many seminars, lectures and CPD education presentations since qualifiying as an Osteopath in 1985 from the British School of Osteopathy in London.

    I’ve also completed a City & Guilds Teaching Certificate (1986) and a Masters degree in Acupuncture from RMIT University (2001).

    So when I set up CPD Health Courses to share 27 years of clinical, practical and business knowledge with you, I decided that I didn’t want to just follow the crowd and do what everyone else was doing. I wanted CPD Health Courses to be different.

    I wanted to ensure that when a health practitioner attended any of our courses, their experience would be the best they’ve ever had.

    I wanted to ensure that your experience would be worth talking about.

    In order to do this, I thought about all the courses I’d ever attended and all the lecturers & presenters I’d ever listened to.

    The Problem

    As a business owner of 27 years, running a busy practice treating patients & managing staff, I understand how precious your time is. We all need time to complete CPD in order to stay current but we also want time to spend with our friends & family.

    I soon realised that the problem with many conventional teaching methods used today is that they don’t fit in with our busy lifestyles.

    After a full week of treating patients, I didn’t really want to sit in a stuffy lecture room on my ‘weekend off’, listening to endless power point presentations.

    Learning can be serious, dull & boring!

    I realised that others probably felt the same way as me; tired & a bit overwhelmed after listening to hours of theoretical information, trying to remember it all…only to start another busy week of patients again on Monday morning.

    The Solution

    Online theory plus practical courses

    With this in mind I thought; “Why not create theory courses that could be studied online in a relaxed environment at home, reducing precious time away and saving money onflights & accommodation?”

                         Practitioners can choose when they want to study.

    So I extracted the best information from all of the courses I’ve attended; added my own style, insights, knowledge & experience to create online theory programs plus practical courses.

    These courses have been developed using state of the art technology to ensure meeting your CPD requirements is an enjoyable experience.

    Online Courses

    A theory presentation shouldn’t be like the nasty greens you have to eat before you get to the ice cream!

    At CPD Health Courses you’ll enjoy a gourmet meal every time you take one of our courses.

    We’ve used the latest technology to bring you state of the art online programs with fast and easy user interaction on your laptop or PC.

    Once enrolled, you’ll simply click to start your program & listen to the presentation. Alternatively you can download the course manual & read the notes. You can choose when you want to study & where you want to study.

    You can complete the theory at a pace that suits you, not your course presenter.

    That’s the beauty of online eLearning. You can start & stop your program whenever YOU want, completing your study at home or at work. All you need is a computer & an internet connection.

    And just because the theory is online, doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions.

    Our lifetime support encourages you to ask as many questions as you like; whether you’re studying online at home, during your practical course or at anytime after your course.

    "I found the course taught by Wayne to be extremely helpful to my clinical skills set.

    It was taught in a way that was highly relevant and clinically focused- these were it's biggest advantages over other similar courses as well as the key fact that it was a smaller group setting, which meant a lot of hands on practical time.

    All questions I had were answered at the time of asking and it's clear that Wayne knows the information he is teaching very well."

    Dr. Ed Wittich

    Blended Courses (theory online followed by a practical course)

    With a blended course involving online theory & practical skills, practitioners can join a practical course after completing the theory at home in their own time, at their own convenience; feeling refreshed & eager to start learning new practical skills that they can use the next day.

    The atmosphere in our practical courses is relaxed, easy going, fun & friendly.

    We want you to feel that you’d much rather be at our practical course than at the beach or playing golf. We never want you to feel that you wish you were somewhere else!

    You’ll get to practice, practice, practice on our PRACTICAL courses

    The best practical courses I’ve ever attended are the ones where I can’t wait to start using the skills I was taught on my patients.

    I attended a Biomesotherapy Injections course in Perth in 2007 for one week.

    I was so excited about what I was learning that after the second day, I called my receptionist & asked her to order the syringes, needles, saline solution & swabs I needed to start using this new skill.

    In fact I couldn’t wait until Monday morning. When I got home on Saturday, I picked up the new supplies & started practicing on my wife!

    That’s how I want you to feel when you attend any of our courses…excited & ready to start.

    I want to share my experience & knowledge with you

    I want you to gain as much practical experience as possible.

    With small practice groups for all CPD Health Courses, you’ll finish the day feeling confident, effective, safe & excited about the techniques you’ve learnt.

    You’ll learn techniques to help save your hands, thumbs and fingers

    If you enrol in a Dry Needling Introductory course we’ll give you an acupuncture needle 30 minutes after arriving. You’ll learn to reduce the workload on your body by using your palpation skills to insert needles into myofascial trigger points in areas of muscle tension, saving your thumbs, fingers, joints and hands.

    The more time you spend handling your new treatment tools the more confident you’ll be when it comes to using them to help your patients.

    At CPD Health Courses we teach practical skills on our business-coaching programs also.

    CPD Health Courses offers two business coaching programs:

    The Complete Consultation and the Private Health Fund Compliance Program.

    You’ll learn valuable practical business skills to help better manage & interact with your patients, colleagues & staff.

    The beauty about learning these business skills is that you can pass them on to others in your practice and everyone can benefit from them.

    I really hope you can join us at one of our courses and enjoy a new way of learning.

    We look forwrds to seeing you soon,

    Dr. Wayne Mahmoud

    DO M App Sci (Acupuncture)










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