• Dry Needling Courses: Online theory Plus 12 hr practical course

    CPD Health Courses provides fully accredited online theory plus 12-hr practical Dry Needling courses for Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Myotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. We also provide 20-hr practical courses for Remedial Massage Therapists, Registered Nurses and Occupational Therapists.                                               


    Our Dry Needling Intro & Advanced courses are accredited and approved for CPD/ CPE by the APA, CAA, Osteopathy Australia, IRMA, ANTA, MAA and AAMT and recognised by Massage Australia. Members of AMT and ATMS also receive CPE/ CEU points.

    Upper Trapezius is included in our DN Intro Course. 

    Dr Wayne Mahmoud, Director of CPD Health Courses, has over 30 years of clinical & teaching experience and a Masters Degree in Acupuncture. He is a Janet Travell Certified Trigger Point Therapist- Certified by the Myopain Seminars USA.                    


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    • Fully accreditated by the APA, CAA, Osteopathy Australia, IRMA, AAMT, MAA and ANTA.
    •     Receive CPE points from MMA (AAMT), ANTA, MAA, MA,  AMT & ATMS. 
    • Our DN courses meet the standards required for professional indemnity insurance
    • Our DN Intro course includes Upper Trapezius
    • Complete your Dry Needling Intro & Dry Needling Advanced course in one weekend!
    • Free access to the Dry Needling Video Training Site before starting your practical course
    •  We offer practical courses in  Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Townsville.
    • Complete your online theory on your PC or laptop today; then join us on your chosen practical course
    • Small practical groups - average teacher to student ratio for needling practice is 1:5 
    • Start needling within 30 minutes of arriving at your practical course
    • Start using valuable Dry Needling techniques in your practice the very next day
    • Receive a fully illustrated colour course manual & course certificates
    • Choose your course, register, pay-start your online theory today!
    • Save time & money by studying in your own home, clinic or office
    • Fast and easy user interaction on your laptop or PC
    • Start & stop your online theory as many times as you like
    • Personalized coaching - gain confidence to provide safe & effective treatment in your clinic the very next day!
    • Undergraduate students are welcome to join us- for more information please email before enrolling.


    What People Are Saying:

    I just wanted to let you know how I was getting on after attending your course on the Gold Coast.

    First off, thanks for providing such a comprehensive online component. I normally take on CPD reluctantly, doing it becaude I have to, not because I want to. I have also had a moderately sceptical opinion of Dry Needling and would have been categorised as a hard case to convince.

    The online portion was excellently structured, enjoyable and convenient to complete.

    Attending the practical part of the course, I was amazed at the amount we covered in one day. The hands on sessions were perfectly balanced with classroom learning segments, the course materials were generous & well presented.

    The final convincer was feeling the effects of the needles. The sleep I had that night was also testament to the efficacy of this approach.

    I put my new skills to work immediately on my return, the benefits have been astonishing; from stubborn shoulders suddenly responding after weeks of slow, hard treatment to me not feeling so exhausted at the end of a day in the clinic.

    I am enjoying integrating Dry Needling into my practice and looking forwards to  joining you on the Advanced course...

    Dr Jonathan Davies- Gisborne Osteo...more


    Dr Wayne's Blog

    Fascial Manipulation Technique…What Is It? - Dry Needling Courses

    In preparation for next month’s Special Podcast Interview with Dr Carla Stecco, you might enjoy listening to the podcast where I interviewed Dr Larry Steinbeck, a PT from the USA who teaches Stecco Fascial Manipulation technique.fascial manipulation podcast
    Larry provides a great overview of our understanding about fascia and perhaps provokes our thinking about how we might be able to reduce pain and increase range of motion by using Dry Needling directed at deep and superficial fascial layers.

    deep tissue fascial manipulationHe teaches the Stecco Fascial Manipulation technique which was developed by Luigi Stecco, an Italian physiotherapist from the north of Italy. This method has evolved over the last 40 years through study and practice. You can listen to the Fascial Manipulation podcast with Dr Larry by clicking here.

    Luigi’s daughter, Carla is Orthopaedic surgeon and has also devoted much of her academic life to the study and understanding of fascia. I’ll be interviewing Carla next month and the podcast will be available through our iTunes Channel.

    The post Fascial Manipulation Technique…What Is It? appeared first on Dry Needling Courses.

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