• Testimonials

    Enjoyable course with lots of time for practical. Logical step by step approach.

    Lyndsey - Physiotherapist Gold Coast

    Wayne showed a definite command of material presented & relevant anatomy.

    Marshal - Chiropractor Gold Coast

    Great course, absolutely loved it. No suggestions to improve it, its perfected.

    Samantha - Exercise Physiologist Gold Coast

    I feel this was one of the most thorough needling courses that I have attended.

    Marty - Osteopath Sydney

    May I say I was very impressed with the way the course was run you & Wayne were exceptionally professional in the setup. I’ve already started needling some of my patients.

    Dr Grant - Consultant Occupational Physician Adelaide, SA

    "I enjoyed the detail of the DNT course & the way the theory was separate to do in my own time".

    Rebecca - Physio Brisbane

    "Excellent-Wayne made it easy for people from diverse backgrounds to interact."

    Berwyn - Physio Southport

    "The dry needling course was great-lots of fun"

    Shannon - Massage therapist/ acupuncture student Gold Coast

    " Very hands on, great feedback-I would recommend it to others"

    Shaun - Physio Brisbane

    "Fantastic! Day went quick with lots of areas covered. Great presenters who are keen to help"

    Terrence - Osteo Adelaide

    "Rare to find PD courses in Adelaide that aren't too expensive"

    Carolyn - Physio Adelaide

    "The practical was excellent-good feedback & plenty of hands on."

    Tim - Physio Adelaide

    "Learnt a lot, very valuable, excellent amount of practical experience"...

    "Good explanation & practice of what you should feel when needle is in the right spot"

    Josie - Physio Sydney

    "Fantastic experience-would recommend it to others"

    Phil - Physio Bondi Junction

    "Very enjoyable-great to have a new tool in practice. Convenient to learn theory at home then 1 day practical"

    Rachael - Chiro Sydney

    "Excellent practical sessions-good discussion with access to ask questions"

    Luke - Osteo Sydney

    "Getting 'hands on' needling straight away was great. Convenience of online theory meant I didn't have to take time off work"

    Carolyn - Physio Melbourne

    "Terrific! Practical demonstration & instruction was very good. Very hands on straight away. I was highly recommended by my work colleagues"

    Taryn - Osteo Melbourne

    "Online program very easy to operate-loved how it remembered the point you were previously up to-very good thank you very much"

    Taryn - Osteo Melbourne

    "Excellent presenter-I highly recommend this course to others. Online theory was great-I appreciated one less day to attend practical course"

    Sam - Physio Melbourne

    "Most thorough & willing to teach RMT's-the whole thing was well organised"

    Lindsay - RMT Brisbane

    "Whole course was great-very informative. I learnt heaps, great experience, thanks"

    Chris - RMT Brisbane

    "I was new to doing online so initially felt a little hesitant-enjoyed it thoroughly. Looking forwards to Advanced"

    Karen - RMT Gold Coast

    "Very good workshop-fun hands on experience. I gained confidence to execute DN"

    Tahir - RMT Adelaide

    "This course is very informative & easy to follow. The practical course is nice & relaxed & caters for a wide range of professions"

    Tanya - RMT Melbourne

    "This course is of great benefit to my practice-easy to relate to"

    Ray - Naturopath Perth

    "Very pleasant-all procedures were well explained making them easy to learn"

    Michael - Chiro Perth

    "Needle in hand in 30 mins from when I arrived-I got plenty of new knowledge & experience"

    Zhong hai - RMT Brisbane

    "Exceptionally clear & concise"

    Ralph - RMT Sydney

    "Loved online course-most comprehensive"

    Margaret - RMT Melbourne

    "Simple, easy, affordable-great"

    Michelle - RMT Melbourne

    "Very good course considering my nerves!"

    Louise - RMT Brisbane

    "I learnt many skills that I will be able to use in my day to day work. There was a good amount of practice time & our technique was corrected"

    Jane - Massage therapist Brisbane

    "Valuable hands on training & ongoing technique correction-very happy with entire experience"

    Nicole - RMT Brisbane

    "Excellent online theory; I liked how you could listen to the videos over & over again. Course content was excellent. Wayne knows everything; knows how to explain it well. Organisation was just perfect"

    Mathew - RMT Southport

    "Fantastic-made me feel comfortable & confident. Presenters shared their time around well. Excellent & affordable -I will be recommending to my associates"

    Caroline - RMT Brisbane

    "Lots of positive feedback. No question too stupid. We were guided through the process beautifully-excellent! I'd recommend it to anyone"

    Kylie - RMT Melbourne

    "Liked that I was able to do part of the course in my own time then only 1day in weekend".

    Amanda - Physio Melbourne

    "Your Dry Needling Techniques is outstanding. I recently treated a 60 yr old woman from Canada who was amazed at the response from her Dry Needling, reducing the impact of her problems she has had for the last 20 years. Thank you CPD Health Courses".

    Anton - RMT: SA

    "Excellent- Wayne was so helpful & knowledgable".

    Laura - Physio: SA

    "I have recently completed the CPD Health Courses DNT course & would highly recommend it.

    I'm an RMT, in business for 17 years & found this course very useful in its application.

    The theory aspect was very user friendly & the practical day with Wayne was amazing; his depth of knowledge is incredible.

    I have applied the techniques with patients on my first day back with stunning results.

    Thank you Wayne & CPD Health Courses".

    Anton - RMT: Naracoorte, SA

    "Very good; lots of needling practice throughout the entire day.

    Good to be able to stop online theory & resume the next day."

    Libby - Physio: SA

    "Fantastic, highly recommend it." 

    Peter - Physio: Albany Creek, Q'land

    "Presenters shared their time around well. Excellent, will be recommending to my associates."

    Caroline - RMT: Archerfield, Q'land

    "Good attention from presenters for demo's & practical."

    Wendy - Physio: Inverell NSW

    "Lots of practice that built my confidence."

    Wendy - Physio: Caboolture, Q'land

    "Awsome! Valuable knowledge & techniques."

    Dion - Physio: Toowoomba, Q'land

    "One on one assistance was available when needed."

    Chris - RMT: DN Advanced: Q'land

    "Very effective techniques for patients who show limited response to hands on therapy."

    Dominic - Osteo: DN Advanced: Q'land

    " Very enjoyable; I was able to relax & ask lots of questions."

    Gaelle - Osteo: DN Advanced: Q'land

    "The Dry Needling Advanced online presentation was impressive. I enjoyed the expertise of the presenter, smaller group size and meeeting people with other skills & professions. Would recommend your course to others."

    Craig - Chiro: DN Advanced: Q'land

    "Well put together- very easy to take to the clinic the next day. Safe & informative practical course."



    Karen - Osteo: DN Advanced: Q'land

    "All the tips given were extremely helpful."

    Nicole - RMT: DN Advanced: Q'land

    "I learnt how to needle effectively without causing pain- thankyou!"

    Lois - Physio: DN Advanced: Q'land

    "I had friends partake in your course & they highly recommended it."

    Rebecca - Physio: Maroochydore, Q'land

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